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    A Hair Stylist's Guide To Facebook Ads
      Because of our industry, we don't need to be using Facebook ads like other companies. We only want people who could come and sit in our chair to see our ads. Today I'll share some proven strategies and tips...
    Magic phrases to sell more retail in the salon
    "We all are in the business of selling something. Some people are aware and some just pretend.” Are you not selling as much retail as you would like, feel awkward in selling situations, or worse don't try to sell any...
    How To Talk To Your Clients About Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence Training For Hairdressers: What You Need To Know One in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic violence. We understand that this is a tough statistic to hear—and unfortunately, these numbers have continued to rise...
    How Top Stylists Deal With Pre-appointment Anxiety
    If you've ever felt the butterflies in your stomach (or bees more like) before your client comes in for an appointment, then you understand the pre-appointment anxiety that all artists in our industry experience from time to time. Here's what...
    Change Your Perception and Gain Clients in The Salon
    Is it the universe, your own thoughts, or just a placebo? Honesty, I don't know.
    But it Works, and if you’re open minded, I’m here to tell you how you can use this in the salon to draw in the perfect clients for you, fill your books up, and lead a more successful life.
    Top 5 Ways Clients are Using OLAPLEX WRONG!
    While we as professionals who have invested in this system know and understand how to use it. We sometimes forget our clients may not know the ins and outs as much as we do. Since OLAPLEX can be a bit on the pricy side its so important to make sure they are using it properly at home!Here are the top 10 ways our clients are misusing OLAPLEX at home