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Holiday Hair Color Trends 2023

Holiday Hair Color Trends 2023


It's that time of the year again - the holiday season is just around the corner, and you know what that means? It's time to deck those locks with some seriously stylish vibes!

We're diving into the ever-changing world of holiday hair color trends that are making waves this year. Think warm browns, reds, coppers, and everything in between! The 2023 hair color trends are all about embracing the magic of the season and letting your hair do the talking.

Should I go darker or lighter for winter? 

Light hair colors are often associated with spring and summer, but there’s no reason to avoid them in winter. You can go cool-toned to match the chilly weather or deepen your base with warmer notes like caramel or honey to offset a fairer complexion. Darker hair colors will lend your look a more sultry and moody vibe—the perfect complement for gloomy weather. Reds and fantasy colors, meanwhile, can brighten up dark winter days, but they do require a bit more maintenance to remainvibrant and healthy-looking. As such, it’s important to consider how much time you want to dedicate to upkeep when choosing your new hue.

The bottom line: The best winter hair color ultimately boils down to personal preference. There’s no right or wrong answer, so pick the one that makes you feel the most beautiful and confident. That’s what’s most important.

Trending 2023 Winter Hair Colors



Honey Ginger Brown

An all-over color may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should rule it out ginger completely. Have your stylist use a balayage technique to dip your toes in the warm, spicy hue.



Cowboy Copper

This warm fall color trend continues into winter and we're here for it! Cowboy Copper is a gorgeous blend of brown and copper. Perfect for the holiday season!



Jet Black 

This trending color is exactly what it sounds like, jet black. It's a classic and versatile color that takes on a life of its own! 




Warm, spicy and cozy, just like the treat it's named after! Gingerbread hair is a beautiful copper color that leans more on the natural side. 



 Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola is a dark, yet vibrant, trending hair color. This color changes dramatically depending on what lighting you're in. 



Ash Brown Balayage 

Ash brown Balayage's are a true classic that you can never go wrong with. They are both dark, yet dimensional and glowy. 




Another classic, bronde (brown/blonde) is perfect for blondes looking to tone down their color without losing the brightness. 

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