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Top 5  Ways Clients are Using OLAPLEX WRONG!

Top 5 Ways Clients are Using OLAPLEX WRONG!

This holy-grail product has been a life saver for many of us at the salon. It has our back during our hardest color corrections and never lets us down! If you didn't already know OLAPLEX is a patented system of professional haircare that helps to repair the disulfide bond within our clients strands that break during color treatments, heat, perming ect.
While we as professionals who have invested in this system know and understand how to use it. We sometimes forget our clients may not know the ins and outs as much as we do. Since OLAPLEX can be a bit on the pricy side its so important to make sure they are using it properly at home!Here are the top 10 ways our clients are misusing OLAPLEX at home



After throughly shampooing the scalp only, with NO.4, the client should rinse the scalp super well of any reside.
Now this is where most clients go wrong and completely waste their OLAPLEX conditioner. The client must squeeze most of the water from their hair (GENTLY) before applying the NO.5 conditioner. This will ensure the hair strand is not already filled with water and allows the conditioner to seep into the strand completely, instead of sitting on the top of the hair.


Many clients think the NO.3 is best as a leave in, and while you can never overuse OLAPLEX there is simply much better options in the line out there now in terms of a leave in product! If you have a client who is does this,
I would direct them to the NO.6 bond smoothing leave in. This is a fan favorite for its multiple benefits and uses! According to OLAPLEX-
"OLAPLEX No.6 BOND SMOOTHER is formulated for everyday use to eliminate frizz, repair, hydrate and protect without adding excess weight. OLAPLEX No.6 BOND SMOOTHER contains our active ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, for continued bond repair at-home."


One of my favorite things about this product line is how thick and luxurious the consistency is! Because of this our clients only need to use a little bit, something they may not be used to if switching from a drugstore brand, So its up to us to instruct them on how much they should be using according to their hair type, length and texture



A lot of client don't let the products sit in long enough to completely do its job. Products like the NO.3 and the new N0.8 moisture mask need to be left in for at least 10 minutes (longer if possible!) I have seen and heard some people using this in the shower and that is totally fine but you need to make sure its being left on the full time!


5. Not correctly shampooing

 I've seen time and time again, people scrubbing the mids and ends of their hair. CRINGE! The only place our clients should be shampooing is their scalp, the suds will rinse through the mids and ends to clean them then the conditioner will do the rest.

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