Thriving in a Social Industry: Tips from an Introverted Hairstylist

    Let me tell you, when I first opened "The Introverted Hairstylist's Handbook: Thriving in a Social Industry," I was a doubtful because I've always had trouble with the social aspects of cosmetology. I wasn't sure if this book wouldn't just another self-help cliché. However, I must admit that I was pleasantly pleased.

    The back of the book reads:

    "From Shy - To Successful!

    It can be challenging to navigate the social demands of the salon industry. But with this book you'll learn how to embrace your unique strengths and succeed in your career. Plus, personal stories and quotes from other introverted hairstylists, you'll feel supported and inspired on your journey to success.

    Don't let your introverted nature hold you back. Embrace it and use it to your advantage today!"

    The book's emphasis on the idea that being an introvert is not a sign of weakness was something I particularly liked. To fit in as a stylist, it's often tempting to feel like you have to change who you are, but this book helped me realize that my personality is actually a strength! It gave me the green light to value and accept my introverted qualities. It also gave a lot of fantastic advise on how to manage and protect my energy. 

    I really liked the personal anecdotes and quotes from other introverted hairdressers. Reading about other people's stories and opinions after facing similar struggles was really calming in a way. 

    One of my favorite things about the book is the poems written by the author, at the end of each chapter. They are all about cosmetology and so cute! Here's an example: 

    “I am a hairdresser,
    My hands my art,
    Creating beauty,
    From head to heart.”

    Overall, "The Introverted Hairstylist's Handbook" really impressed me. The book gave me useful tips on how to succeed in our field, it's short but sweet and packed full of info and it was a relatable read. Any hairstylist trying to succeed in their field would get my recommendation! 

    You can find the ebook version available here

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