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Magic phrases to sell more retail in the salon

Magic phrases to sell more retail in the salon


"We all are in the business of selling something. Some people are aware and some just pretend.”

Are you not selling as much retail as you would like, feel awkward in selling situations, or worse don't try to sell any salon retail at all?

You are leaving a HUGE chuck of cash on the table. You placed that cold hard cash down and walked away! But honestly, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you aren't retailing to every single clients who comes into your chair or salon.

If you are retailing, are you using the right verbage? Today I am going to give you a few tips on how to sell.

These are magic phrases you can use TODAY to get more sales as a stylist and be more confident when retailing.


1. “Open Minded”

We all like to believe that we are open minded because the opposite of it is being closed minded.

“Would you be open minded about giving this a chance?”

“ How open minded are you about spending a little more for your shampoo but having it last 2x longer?” (because high quality shampoo tends to be much thicker than drugstore)

People tend to have high esteem about themselves and being open minded ranks high.

This statement challenges their information and perception about themselves.

2. “ How would you feel?”

People make decisions based on either emotions or logic.

“ How would you feel of you could protect your hair, reduce frizz, and build bonds all at the same time?”

“ How would you feel if you could achieve this same blow-out look easily at home?”

When you can invoke the feeling of all the benefits of using professional product it helps them more easily envision them buying and using the product.


3. Open Ended Questions

Closed-ended questions tend to have a yes or no answer which can close the sale prematurely.

"What are your thoughts about switching over to professional haircare?"

"What do you think about that?"

"How do you feel about that?"

These questions help keep the conversation going.

Asking open-ended questions allows your clients to tell you more about themselves, which in turn gives you more information to help them make a purchase.

4. "Most People"

People (whether they believe it or not) are birds of a feather, and love to use the same products as their friends/peers.

"Most people go with the Olaplex No.6 because it has so many benefits in one."

"Most people switch from drugstore haircare to professional after going through such an intense blonding session"

Using the words "most people" will help drive sell by creating a sense of credibility and urgency.


In closing, as stylists we are the hair professionals and know what is best for our clients.

It is our responsibility to make sure they are going home with all the tools/products to best take care of their hair until we see them again. Don't be pushy but if you use these phrases you can help your clients take the best care if their hair while increasing profit for your business.m



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