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How Top Stylists Deal With Pre-appointment Anxiety

How Top Stylists Deal With Pre-appointment Anxiety


If you've ever felt the butterflies in your stomach (or bees more like) before your client comes in for an appointment, then you understand the pre-appointment anxiety that all artists in our industry experience from time to time.

Here's what Healthline has to say about the meaning of the word anxiety:
"Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It's a feeling of fear or apprehension about what's to come. The first day of school, going to a job interview, or giving a speech may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous."
Anxiety can cause some unpleasant symptoms such as
  • shaky hands

  • excessive sweating

  • forgetfulness 

  • doubt


All can make for an uncomfortable appointment 


 But here’s the good news! Everyone has experienced it, even the top tier stylists in our industry. I reached out to those stylists to get their tips on how they deal with this, here's what they had to say: 

Jamie Dana / @JamieDanaHairStylist

Jamie Elise Dana is a powerhouse in everything she does. Including a very successful career and awards in styling, educating and blogging! Jamie has always been my go-to for blonding and color education on youtube, so I couldn't be more excited to hear what she had to say- 


"One of the things I have done before an appointment. If I'm having anxiety about a new technique, a new type of color or service that I haven't done before, is I like to do a little bit of research on Youtube and try to see if there's anything that I can kind of look up and just get familiar with before I go into doing a color correction or doing a new technique.

So I tend to go to Youtube which has a lot of in depth education or sometimes I'll even go on instagram and kind of do a little bit of digging! Another thing that I do is I love to swatch out colors and new color lines just to test out if it's gonna work!"

Heres one of her newest videos- 



   Steph Brown / @vividsandbalayge

Steph Brown is an amazing colorist and has a huge platform on both Tiktock and Instagram. Check her out here

"I actually have severe anxiety in general so I totally get it! When I become anxious prior to appointments I tell myself, this client could have chose several other hairstylists but they chose YOU! I also make sure to not think too far ahead into what the appointment will be like, when I was a newer stylist it caused me a lot of anxiety! Focus on one task a time!"

Christina Crook / @Tina_doeshair

Christina is a truss professional brand educator, salon owner, hair stylist, micro-blade artist, and I honestly could go on. Not only is she incredibly talented and amazing to be around, but she is also an amazing person. I have had the opportunity to attend one of her classes pre-covid and let me say, Christina is completely deserving of her MANY awards from Behind The Chair, Modern Salon, Beauty Launchpad and others. I was very excited to hear what she had to say!

Do you live in the Orange County Area? Check out her salon here!

“I struggle with anxiety daily and it took a long time to feel comfortable in my skin behind the chair (and it’s still only 50/50). I always make sure to aim low with expectations for my guest so that when I slay their hair, even if there’s one splotch or a hair out of place, they are thrilled. That also allows for unexpected outcomes or mistakes. The hardest part for me is the blow drying because they are usually quiet and it’s the moment of truth; I always think they hate it. I just remind myself they are just probably hungry from this 6 hour appointment or enjoying their blow dry! It’s not always the worst case scenario." ❤️




Gwendolen / @gweeny_tod

"First and foremost, I always take care of myself OUTSIDE of the shop. I cut out alcohol during my work week, drink plenty of water, and take my vitamins daily. I've found that having a good healthy routine for body, mind and soul can then be carried into the workplace. It's starts at our core. Also, never taking thing personally. Sometimes people just aren't our people, but stay true and yours will find you!"


Melissa Streranka / @melissathehairwizard

“As someone who struggles anxiety it can be intimidating getting ready for each client. We need to remember that most times - clients also share the same anxiety. My focus is to have a comforting consultation / impression when they arrive to make them feel as if I am their friend, I am here to help.
Before each client arrives - take time for yourself. Take a sip of water and take some deep breaths. Shake off any energy from before. Lastly remember WE GOT THIS! “

KyLee Wagner / @Beauty.With.Kylee

"When I’m preparing for a new client or even just a client who is wanting to do a drastic change, its easy to get anxious about how good of a job I will do. I just remind myself that they already trust me with their hair by booking with me. I also like to do either a very thorough conclusion or even a little social media research to find out what the clients vibe and lifestyle are. That way Im not going in blind, not knowing anything about them. A lot of times you can figure out what the client likes by getting to know them a little more. We all went school to learn our craft, so it’s good to keep in mind that you know what you’re doing with hair!!!! There’s also so much online education if you need refreshers or anything watch some youtube videos!"
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