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Hair Color for Each Zodiac Sign

Hair Color for Each Zodiac Sign

As stylist's most of us love and appreciate hair color. We can see details and little things others may not notice. 
Because hair color is alive with detail and often carries its own personality, it makes sense that every zodiac sign would have a color that captures their energy perfectly. Here’s the hair color that matches yours:
Pisces effortlessly adapts to their surroundings. For that reason we opted for a classy dark brown with some slight dimension
Sagittarius personality is loyal, sophisticated, unique, artistic, and have unerring judgment. For this reason we chose a very unique yet sophisticated pearl rainbow color. 
Virgos are known for being practical, sensible, and loyal. This stunning honey blonde balayage radiates that energy
Scorpios are loyal, smart, shrewd and stoic. This silver balayage just radiates Scorpio energy
Tauruses are oriented around the physical world. They tend to be grounded and logicalThis color gives me very earthy vibes and seems to be a very classic choice
If you are or know a Leo, this one doesn't need explained
Libras are known for being charming, beautiful, and well-balanced. This color is all of those and go well with Libras fiery energy
Capricorns are overachievers, persistent, practical, and sensitive. A boss color for a boss sign
Geminis are flexible, extroverted, and clever, and there's never a boring moment while they're around. Making this stunning dark color perfect for their sign.
Primarily known for being emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive, as well as sensitive. I choose a rose gold balayage for Cancer because it's a warm and inviting color but has a bit of a bite
Aquarians are highly intellectual and creative. This is a very much "go with the flow" color, perfect for them
Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader. I choose a natural, yet bright, red color to match their passionate and fiery personality 
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