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Change Your Perception and Gain Clients in The Salon

Change Your Perception and Gain Clients in The Salon



Is it the universe, your own thoughts, or just a placebo? Honesty, I don't know. But it Works, and if you’re open minded, I’m here to tell you how you can use this in the salon to draw in the perfect clients for you, fill your books up, and lead a more successful life.

I bet you are a bit like me and are skeptical of most things. Well I am here to tell you, I have been using this for over 2 years now and have seen nothing but results!

To make it quick for those who have not heard of it, your thoughts can help create things within your life. So, positive thoughts create positive outcomes.


For example, look at your day-to-day life in the salon.. What type of energy and emotions are going into your thoughts you’re focused on?


  • Negative thoughts? 
  • Lack of clients
  • The stress of it all?

Do you say things to yourself like “I am working my ass off and never seem to have a penny”?




The law of attraction says if you give attention to this you attract more of this and what is even MORE powerful is when you put feelings and beliefs behind those thoughts.

None of this is to say there is not external things at play within our lives. We can’t be responsible for it all and I think that is important to remember. Just try to be kind in the way you talk to yourself and embrace positivity.


Ever have one of ‘those days’ you run late in the morning, spill your coffee on that White Tee you love? (Maybe it was from Ready To Dye Apparel) At that point you have made up your mind today is going to be an awful day before noon!


So be true to yourself a second, and ask yourself, what are your consistent thoughts and beliefs about your cosmetology business? 


  • Do you believe good staff are hard to some by?

  • It’s always quiet in January?

  • You will never be able to double your income?






Instead say to yourself
  • Amazing staff find me with ease

  • My perfect clients find me with ease

  •  will have doubled my income by next year


It is these simple changes that the law of attraction is all about. Making the switch from the negative thoughts to the positive ones can have an amazing impact on your life.
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