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2022 Halloween Salon Decor Ideas

2022 Halloween Salon Decor Ideas


Get Yourself and Your Clients In The Spooky Spirit!

We have put together our favorite DIY salon Halloween decorations for 2022! Infuse some spirited & stylish Halloween decorating ideas into your space this season. By decorating you can help make your clients feel more at home, and in turn, more relaxed!

1. Gold Faux Taxidermy 

This is one you can honestly leave up all year long (the best kind of Halloween decor!) If you are like me you love this dark nordic style, and when you can get it cheap then its a win-win!

2. Lighted Floating Witch Hats


For about $2-$3 a piece, these will instantly transform your salon into something out of Harry Potter! They are super whimsical and really easy to make. You could add a few above your chair or even by the shampoo bowl!

3. Snake Wreath

 Another very bougie on a budget DIY! Super sleek and everything can be found at your local dollar tree. Put it outside too drawn in prospective clients or add some spooky spirit on your reception desk. The possibilities are endless! 

4. Our Halloween Apparel Collection!

If you haven't checked out our  Halloween Collection yet it would mean the world to me if you did! We have Tee's and Crewnecks available now. Order soon so you can get it in time to spread the spooky spirit!

5. Skeleton Hand Holder


 Okay hear me out, imagine this holding your curling irons or straightener! I just think this one is so cute and versatile because you could have it hold almost anything.

6. Skeleton Mirror

I think you know where I'm going with this one. I think this would be super cute (if you had space) in the corner or top of our salon station mirrors! 

7. Creepy Cage 

Another super customizable project that's also cheap! You could add anything inside the "cages" and hang them anywhere. 

8. Creepy Entryway Posts

These are super cute and definitely will draw attention to your salon! Also a great way to utilize those pots when summer flowers wilt. 

9. Candy Holders

This would be perfect to have especially if you do a lot of kids cuts, or not, adults love candy too! Definitely a fun and easy way to store candy at the salon.



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